I’m a very driven, hard-working person who is eternally passionate about improving animal welfare on an individual, and population-wide basis.

I grew up on the coast of Kent and was lucky enough to spend much of that time with my amazing extended family, particularly my Grandma and my Aunt, to whom I’ll always be grateful.

I’ve frequently found myself asked by anyone who finds out that I am a vet if I had many pets growing up, but I’m afraid the answer is no! When I was young I never really had many pets other than a couple of Chinese Dwarf Hamsters (called Popcorn and Trevor) and a pair of Goldfish (called Paul and Barry*). However, my Gran had Golden Retrievers as Guide Dogs and my Aunt had lots of adopted cats, so although I didn’t realise at the time, thinking back I imagine that spending time with these animals influenced me a lot.
[*I love the Chuckle brothers for pieing my brother in the face but not as much as I inexplicably love naming animals very human names]

My love of animals resulted in me becoming a vegetarian around the age of 12 as I found myself confused as to why anyone would eat animals when there are plenty of things we can live off that don’t need to be killed to be eaten. My vegetarianism continued up until I was 20 when I began converting into a vegan, which I am now fully-fledged at.

When it came to secondary school I studied at an all girls foundation state secondary school where, thanks to some fantastic teachers and some (what I considered at the time) hard work, I achieved the GCSEs necessary for me to make it into a grammar school’s sixth form to study my A Levels in all the sciences.

Meanwhile, at the age of 16, I adopted my first high maintenance pet…

The lovely Ellie was a 10 year old, deaf Cavalier King Charles Spaniel whom I had the pleasure of owning for a year and a half, for the duration of which, she was my entire world. I regularly refer back to her whenever I hear “old dogs can’t learn new tricks” as the clever girl learnt her own sign language!

Whilst looking after Ellie, studying for my A levels and completing multiple work experience placements, I gained employment at a veterinary practice and moved out from my mother’s and into a house-share. I lived happily there until I made it into university at the RVC in September 2012 for the five year Veterinary Medicine course.

In September 2015 I met a rather incredible person and his rather cute dog, then two years later we got married (me and the man, not the dog!). Dan is one of the absolute best people in the world, who I love more than anything, even though it was annoying to change my website domain!

On my wedding day with my husband, the best collie in the world and the amazing friends I made at university! [Still sorry Gemma that you couldn’t make it – I still love you too!]

In the same month of getting married, I also graduated from university! Veterinary University was an absolute rollercoaster but I am pleased to say I made it out with a great degree, amazing friends and a lot of happy memories.

My brother and me on my graduation day

Since I graduated I have been working at a small animal charity practice, caring for pets in need.

Outside of work I do my best to maintain a life in which I enjoy: rock music, home crafts, hiking and exploring the countryside, especially if it’s with the company of my long suffering siblings Mike and Nicky,  both of whom I truly could not be without, as well as my husband Dan and our dogs Layla and Olive.

Olive is the newest member of our little family and is the three-legged love of my life. We adopted her because she needed a lot of veterinary care (and she is an absolute sweetheart) and we could not be happier to have her in our family.  If you enjoy cute dog photos, my instagram is essentially dedicated to my beautiful dogs and you can see it here.

Well that’s me in a nutshell up to the current day. Next step in life TBC.

My amazing siblings
Olive and Layla

I’d have to write a dissertation-length essay to properly thank all the many, many people who have helped me to achieve everything stated above, so without getting cheesy, for now I’ll just say “cheers all!”