Having only had the opportunity to ride a horse once when growing up, I definitely had a lot to learn prior to applying for university, but having since spent a month working at two different riding stables, and of course having handling training at university, I’m able to work confidently and safely with horses.

A pregnant mare enjoying the quiet life!

Both my two week placements were spent at riding schools in Kent. It was wonderful to be able to work with these beautifully majestic animals, but the work also provided invaluable experience by familiarising me with the body language and behaviour of horses, as well as the best handling techniques, to enable me to be able to keep the horse, myself and others, as safe as possible.

Skills learnt and practiced whilst at these placements included: using head collars, catching, leading and releasing horses to and from communal fields, grooming horses and of course, plenty of mucking out! I was also able to get to grips with commonly used vaccination and worming protocols and start to understand the complex market of equine feed products!

This knowledge helped me immensely during my four weeks spent at the Royal Veterinary College Equine Hospital. As part of my veterinary training, I spent time in the medicine, soft tissue and orthopaedic departments as well as doing a week of night shifts to experience emergencies and provide overnight care for patients. I then spent a further two weeks on the road with an equine vet visiting horses in need of both preventative health care and emergency aid.

If you have any questions about my equine experience, please do get in touch.